Yesterday's Desire

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When two hearts, denied in youth, reunite, yesterday's forbidden desire becomes today's unquenchable passion.
Kathleen Sullivan has loved Bryce Donovan since the first time she saw him, but he was the governor's son, the golden boy, and being groomed to follow in his father's political footsteps. She's the daughter of the woman who washes his laundry. But after years of separation, the chemistry is still there and some longings simply won't be denied.

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As parties went, this one would be talked about for months to come. Guests packed the main floor of the sprawling country home. Standing shoulder to shoulder made it almost impossible to mingle, but the music was loud enough to make polite conversation unnecessary. And the food was incredible, only the best to celebrate the twenty-fifth birthday of the congressman's son.

But I had my own reason for never forgetting this night.

I'd become the focus of the birthday boy himself--the tall, tawny-headed prince of the manor. He'd noticed me before; I'd caught him looking at me on numerous other occasions. Brief though they were, I'd come to cherish those moments, even if he never actually acknowledged me. But then why would Bryce Donovan lower himself to speak to me, Kathleen Sullivan, daughter of the woman who once washed his laundry?

Still, I had his attention now.

Two things stood between me and the man I'd secretly loved for eight years, the first being his location. He congregated with his friends on the landing across the room, impossible to get to in this crowd. Not that I'd have the nerve to try. Even if I did, I'd have to get past the second obstacle, ever present at his side in various shapes and sizes since I'd joined his social circle three months ago. Tonight's hindrance was beautiful, leggy and blonde. I couldn't compete with beautiful, leggy or blonde. Well, maybe the blonde thing. After a peroxide rinse to my shoulder length, brown hair.


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