Magic Man

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Page Count: 258
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Rating: Mature

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A future world, devastated by a deadly virus…a dangerous attraction that defies the laws of segregation.

In the forbidden zone of Edinburgh’s old town, Catriona Whithorn, a privileged lawyer escaping her dull life and a depressing divorce, becomes Cat, a blues singer in a sleazy bar. When she encounters Magic, a mysterious and sexy street magician, Catriona is drawn deeper into his world, where living for the moment leads to uninhibited pleasure--and a deadly struggle for freedom. For nothing is as it seems.

No stranger to illusion, Magic’s carefree exterior hides a man ruthless enough to do whatever it takes to protect the only family he knows—the people of the old town. When Cat enlists his help to find her missing ex-husband, Magic takes her into his care and into his bed. But he isn't fool enough to believe she wants more than a rough tumble and won't soon return to the comfort and security of the safe zone.

Yet as they uncover layers of abuse, corruption and an undeniable conspiracy of oppression--with Cat's own family at its core--she and Magic must face impossible choices that threaten to divide them forever.


This title contains: explicit language and light bondage.

Rose (260 pages)


After a moment, very conscious of his warm hand at her waist, she lifted her gaze from the mesmerizing shadows to the Magician’s face.

“You don’t say much, do you?” she challenged. At last he smiled, the sort of smile he had given her with the flowers in the High Street. Again, it caught at her breath, played havoc with the tingles in her stomach.

“Well, you don’t say much yourself. Or at least not to me.”

“What would you like me to say?”

“That I’m the handsomest, sexiest man you’ve ever met. And the best magician you’ve ever seen.”

Her surprised laughter was breathless. “All right. You’re the handsomest, sexiest man I’ve ever met, and the best magician.”

“That’s the stuff,” he approved. “For what it’s worth, you’re the loveliest, most intriguing woman I’ve ever seen, and one day I hope you’ll mean what you say.”

She had no idea if either of them meant what they were saying. Worse, she didn’t care. The music was sweet, she was Cat, who could move people with her songs, and something strong and probably wicked was attracting her powerfully to the young man holding her.

She tilted her head so that her hair swung back from her flushed cheeks. One day I hope you’ll mean what you say. “What makes you think I don’t?”

There was an infinitesimal pause, in which she realized she had actually surprised him. Though his face gave nothing away, it had lost its faintly teasing expression.

Then he smiled. “Innate modesty. But it’s not inexhaustible, so don’t tempt me.”

As if to explain himself, his arm slid farther round her waist, drawing her closer. Quite naturally, Catriona lifted her free hand to his broad shoulder. Now she could feel the warmth off his body. The open coat had flopped to either side of her, and within it lurked a very tempting prospect—hard and lean and fit.

His thumb stroked her hand, brushing the soft, sensitive skin between her thumb and forefinger, sending unexpected little shivers up her arm and down her body, straight to her pussy. Oh, dear. How long since she had been this close to a man?

“Like your dress.” For some reason, his voice calmed her panic, even while his breath on her ear aroused a different disturbance. Subtly, he caressed her naked back. “Where did you get it?”

“Oh, it’s just some old thing I found at the back of my wardrobe.”

His body vibrated with silent laughter, and Catriona, who realized to late that here in the Old Town such a remark was always a joke, tilted back her head again to search his face for genuine amusement. The movement brought her breasts in contact with his chest, forcing her to acknowledge the tightness of her nipples and their growing hardness.

He must have felt it through the thin shirt he wore, but he just smiled at her and she felt no shame at her arousal. Her body, still going its own way, swayed nearer him without quite touching below the waist. Then she swung her hips provocatively, this time just brushing against him. With a delicious shock of excitement, she felt the ridge of his cock, already huge and hard in the frayed jeans he wore, and knew a strange triumph that she could arouse him so.

Emboldened, she slid her hand from his shoulder up around his neck, swaying into him. His breath caught and quickened, and she smiled into his neck, inhaling the warm, clean smell of his skin, free of all the after-shaves and body sprays that were the fashion in her own world.

As if he sensed the smile, his hand swept down her back, dragging her into him, making her gasp as their hips fitted together. Their height difference didn’t matter. His rock-hard erection throbbed into her abdomen, the sensuous movement of his thighs and hips grinding against her crotch, blatantly arousing.

And God, she was aroused. Between her legs, she was already hot and damp. Clamped onto him, her hips followed his in perfect rhythm without need of the guiding hand caressing her back, slipping lower across her buttocks. She felt as intimate as if they were making love. For the second time this evening.

Breathless laughter caught in her throat. The heat of his thrusting crotch, the touch of his warm chest against her breasts, was unbelievably sexy. Her mouth went dry with a desire stronger than any she had felt in years, and it was getting worse. Dancing like this was torture and delight, pain and pleasure, but my God, the pleasure was winning. And with just a little more contact, a little more help, she would come all on her own.

As if he heard the thought, he shifted his leg, bending his knee so that the top of his thigh just touched the hot tenderness of her clitoris. The silk of her dress, the cotton of her underwear between them didn’t seem to matter.

Involuntarily, her fingers tangled in the soft hair at the back of his head, gripping. His head lowered toward her, his breath tickling her ear as he said low, “I see we both like to dance...”

And something else. His tongue surely, flickered across her lobe, making her gasp.

“Dancing.” She bit her lip to smother her moan as his thigh rocked against her clit again. “Is that what we’re doing?”

His hand released hers, coming to rest instead with its partner on her buttocks, kneading her into his hard cock.

“You say,” the Magician said softly.

Another flood of moisture released to drench her knickers. Convulsively, her freed hand reached up around his neck. Her breasts were crushed into his chest, so that his every movement sent delicious sparks shooting through them from her stiff, over-sensitive nipples right down her body to the wild center of heat below. Just above her pubic bone, she could feel the hard outline of his erection almost as clearly as if they’d been naked.

His face hovered closer to hers. She was held by his eyes, hot now and cloudy with desire, surely mirroring her own.

You say.

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