Model Fantasy

Page Count: 146
Word Count: 36901
Rating: Mature

(MSRP: 4.2500)

Supermodel Francine is the sexiest woman alive, and she just found her fiance cheating on her. A tipsy conversation about her erotic fantasies brings about the sexual encounter of her dreams.

Having withdrawn from society life, Grant seizes the chance to dominate the woman he's lusted after for years. But afterward, Grant must again deal with the spotlight when Francine's ex strikes back at her publicly. Can they overcome life's obstacles to make fantasy reality?


This title contains: explicit language and BDSM.

Miniature Rose (148 pages)


She closed her eyes. She had dreamt of that voice! In her dreams, that voice had commanded her to take her clothes off and wait for him in bed. To kneel at his feet. And whispered in her ear that she’d been a very bad girl and he was going to spank her.

“This is what happens when your reading goes beyond what your mother would approve,” she whispered. “When you wonder what else is out there.” She stared at the box. “I should shove this box and both cards back at the delivery man and tell him to…” She closed her eyes. “I’ll only ever get this one chance. Do I dare take it? See what it’s like to have a man do whatever he wants with me? What if the guy last night was right? What if it was Kevin and not me? Do I want to be more than the Ice Queen?”

Fingers trembling, she opened the box. On top of the tissue was another card.

Very good, my dear. If you truly want to find pleasure, then dial speed one on this phone. I will tell you what to do to prepare for surrendering to me. For twenty-four hours, I will make every fantasy you’ve ever had come true. Even those you haven’t imagined.

Francine lifted the tissue and took the phone. Hitting the buttons, she stared at the watercolor art on the wall. Was she insane? She had no idea who this man was!

“Francine,” came the same deep voice.

“Who are you?”

“The man to make your fantasies come true.”

“I mean, what is your name?”

“No names. This is for just twenty-four hours. No strings. No emotions. Just pure sex.”

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