Heat Index

Page Count: 94
Word Count: 26055
Rating: Mature

(MSRP: 3.7500)

Scientist Jenna Cavanaugh would much rather be in her own lab in Baton Rouge than in Ft. Lauderdale, mentoring her boss's nephew. And while Aidan Boudreaux is easy on the eyes and would be a delicious way to heat up her sex life, she's not risking her career on the Gulf Coast for anyone.

Marine biologist Aidan Beaudreaux would rather be anywhere but here, but for his uncle, he'll put his research in Canada on hiatus. When he meets the sexy Jenna, he realizes the hazy summer days will pass a little faster if he can convince her a hot fling is what she needs. Otherwise, he'll be trading cold-water research for cold showers.

While falling in love and fighting the bad guys isn't in anyone's plans, there is one thing they can agree on: the Heat Index just got a lot hotter!


Miniature Rose (96 pages)


Aidan looked down at the sex goddess he'd run into at the hotel. Seeing her here confirmed his suspicion that she had to be Jenna Cavanaugh. In the elevator, she'd been just recognizable as the rumpled scientist in the photos he'd seen, but he hadn't dared to hope it really was her. Even though she'd obviously been as turned on as he was. Damn and double damn Uncle Gavin for not warning him. How the hell was he supposed to get anything done this summer with this woman as his boss? Especially in that closet-sized office.

He'd wanted to jump her in the elevator. Thought maybe he'd stumble across her in the pool bar during happy hour, invite her back to his suite for a one night—or one summer—stand.

He definitely hadn't planned on needing to concentrate on sea level variations while she worked five feet away and couldn't be touched.

“Yes, I'm Aidan. You look a little shocked.”

The expression on her face morphed into wry humor, tiny lines crinkling at the corners of her sea-blue eyes. She looked older and younger at the same time. “Yes, well, the last picture I saw of you, you were about six. And you didn't grow up to look anything like your uncle.”

“Sorry to disappoint.” Aidan had to laugh, if only to cover his frustration. “It's only fair that I tell you that you aren't exactly what I expected, either.” Actually, he hadn't had any expectations, but if he'd had...a typical lab rat in a white coat and wire-framed glasses was more to his expectation than this woman with golden skin and curves just made to fill his hands. “Suppose Gavin thought it'd be more friendly this way. We could bond over frozen drinks or something.”

Actually, bonding over drinks sounded like fun. Especially if he could tip one of them onto that luscious golden skin of hers and lick it off...there were lots of curves to lick it from. His cock jumped as he tried not to imagine what her skin tasted like. Thank God he was wearing jeans. Gavin had warned him he thought of Jenna like a daughter, but damned if Aidan could think of her as his cousin.

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