Night Moves

Page Count: 36
Word Count: 7500
Rating: Mature

(MSRP: 2.0000)

When Texas born and bred Chloe Mires agrees to trade places with her New York City friend for two weeks, she never dreams her two-year dry spell is about to come to a scorching end...thanks to the hunk across the hall. Will her midnight rendezvous turn out to be love at first 'light'?


Rosette (36 pages)


Her eyes flew open, staring in the shadow of her bedroom. She was frozen, listening, wondering if her horny mind had conjured the sound.

Footsteps. Deliberate, as if he wanted to make sure she heard him approach. An intruder wouldn’t be so deliberate.

She began to breathe fast, thrilled and scared at the same time. He was here. Brandon of the Enormous Cock was here, approaching Danielle’s bedroom while she, Chloe, lay sprawled like a shameless wanton.

Oh, she wanted, all right. No use trying to deny it. After meeting Brandon in the laundry room, nothing short of him fucking her would truly satisfy her cravings.

His large shadow appeared in the bedroom doorway. He stopped. She heard him breathing…fast, like she was. Although she couldn’t see his crotch, she looked in the general direction anyway.

“Texan?” He took several purposeful steps, then stopped again, hesitating. “I didn’t want to scare you.”

Chloe thought she might burst with excitement and fear. Her voice was husky as she said, “I’m not scared. I knew it was you.”

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