Idol Wishes

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-447-3
Page Count: 123
Word Count: 27802
Rating: Mature

It’s been a while since single mother, Samantha Johnson, has had a man in her life or in her bed. She long ago accepted her vibrator as her only companion. But her daughter is grown and her best friend is hounding her to go on a blind date with the sexy accountant Charlie Lewis. Reluctantly, Samantha agrees, expecting the night to end in disappointment. An accidental encounter with a magic tiki idol turns the evening into a hot and steamy success, twiceover. Which leaves her wondering, does Charlie only want her because of the idol’s spell, or does Samantha still have a little magic of her own?


Miniature Rose (123 pages/27802 words)

Digital ISBN: 978-1-62830-447-3


Charlie’s cough subsided, and he leaned over and whispered, “I’m okay now, must have just been some dust. I don’t need anything.”

“But I do,” Samantha whispered back, her voice husky.

Charlie either didn’t hear or didn’t understand what she needed, because he turned his attention back to the screen. The latest actor to portray Bond was seducing a woman who knew the secret location to the codes. Samantha watched as the actor slid his hand up the side of the actress’s smooth leg and under her skirt.

Samantha eased her hand over to Charlie’s leg and gradually moved her hand up the inside of his thigh to rest just below his bulge. He jumped but kept his eyes on the screen and cleared his throat. Samantha could feel his bulge shift. Despite his wanting to remain aloof, his body betrayed him.

She leaned over the arm rest and kissed his neck, letting her lips linger on the spot below his ear. Now he had to take notice of her.

“What do you want?” Charlie demanded in a hushed tone. “I don’t get it.”

“Take me out of here. I want you.” Samantha didn’t bother to keep her voice down, and she earned a few “shh”s and one “Get a room.”

Charlie glared and got up, making apologies as he shuffled out to the aisle, pulling Samantha behind him.

She race-walked to keep up with his hurried pace.

He almost dragged her from the theater and scanned the surrounding area for a more private space. He stalked across the lighted parking lot to a nearby grassy area rimmed with a bench and a few trees.

He leaner her against one of the large palms.

Pressed into her.

Trapped her legs between his.

“What’s your game?” he growled.

His anger only spurred Samantha on. She couldn’t answer with words, only with her hands and mouth. She licked along his jawline. She inhaled his scent—crisp sea air. Her hands pressed against his chest and then traveled down to work at his belt buckle.

He stopped her hands and pushed back.

“I’m serious, Samantha.” His voice a fierce whisper. “You’re blowing hot and cold.”

“I’m hot now.” She purred.

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